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Having a successful website has never been a more important marketing tool.

Evolution of the internet world steadily with the continuous decline in the attractiveness of the printed media, every site needs a advertisement or push model once it is published, in order to drag attention and attract web visitors to your site. You need a quality marketing services and Internet Marketing is the best way to brand and promote your products and services to millions of people a day. It helps you to make a strong impact of your business on Internet. This is the main reason why it has surmounted all types of traditional marketing techniques and is very fruitful. Not only it has more reach across the various sections with also very cost effective programs. Advantages of Internet marketing have made this acceptable for all businesses that are looking to have some online influence.
Major growing and accepted terminology are:

l Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),
l Pay Per Click (PPC) and
l Social Media Marketing

There can be unique marketing strategy for any type of website or business either you look for b2b or Ecommerce solutions. We have built a great reputation with our quality and innovative Internet Marketing Services. We focus on key methods for building brand awareness in any major work we accepted.

In fact, we have so much faith in our Internet marketing promotions that you won’t be asked to sign a contract; we know that what we can do for your business works. If you disagree, you can -simply walk away!

Best of all, not only do we offer this amazing service at an amazing price per month but there is no contract so if you want to stop at any stage, you can.
If you would like to discuss how we can help you to come up to the first or TOP TEN search results on your business related search queries of search engines, you can reach us from our contact menu (Contact Us) and we will be glad to speak with you.

Digital Marketing

Digital media emerged and direct marketing is no longer what it used to be. Companies are becoming smarter and most now use tailored marketing campaigns, directed at intelligently segmented customer groups to generate tangible impact on sales.

In digital marketing, a small investment in customer contact data and e-mail campaigns can generate significantly higher ROI from company’s overall marketing budget. For marketers, they agree that it is true. They know rich, segmented and structured customer data is at the heart of every marketing campaign. However few are able to obtain low cost information services since majority of providers demand volume and scale to offer cost efficiency.

We at ICTflier combine our data expertise, technology capability with marketing insights to offer a tailored service to support sophisticated campaigns of any budget, scale and complexity. We manage end to end campaign support processes from contact database development through to rigorous campaign performance tracking. We provide a head start to marketers as we fast track campaign preparation by freeing up marketing to focus on creating content and devising campaign tactics and strategies.

Our approach is pragmatic and our methodology systematic to help clients maximise ROI from digital marketing with 3 interconnected service strands:

Contact database management – we build, maintain and enhance customer contact data continuously. Our expert data team starts by consolidating information clients already hold about their customers; their contact details, purchasing history and response rates. We then enrich contact database by adding a range of professional, industrial, geographical, demographic and lifestyle sources. We apply proven techniques to ensure data is always maintained in its cleanest form, normalised, de-duped and validated.

Tailored Marketing – We help marketing team build intelligent segmentation of their customer contact database to be utilised for tailored campaigns. Our digital team organises and delivers e-mail marketing customised according to campaign type and product-market characteristics, in full compliance with relevant regulations and data protection act.

Campaign Analytics – Servicing contact database and digital marketing is important but helping clients to analyse campaign outcome is critical. Therefore our services include proactive review of each campaign based on agreed metrics e.g. response effectiveness, cross-sales and up-sales impact. Our marketing analysts carry out statistical analysis to gain detailed insight into customer behaviour, buying habits, preferences, and price sensitivity to inform future campaign strategy. Campaign metrics are systematically tracked and reported through a tailored marketing dashboard that will guarantee to improve marketing effectiveness.

If you are looking to maximise ROI from your marketing budget, you need not look any further.

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